A Walk in the Lai Chi Kok Park



Do you aware that there are nice places nearby our self storage branches?  It may be a good idea for you to pay a visit there before or after accessing your self storage unit.  You may find some relaxing and refreshing area where are best for catching fresh air or having a great time with your family.


If you are the customer of our Lai Chi Kok branches (Hop Hing Branch and Yeung Yiu Chung Branch), here is a wonderful place we recommend you to take your time with family and stroll around – Lai Chi Kok Park.




A fan of Chinese culture? You may love to experience a little bit of the classical Lingnan style? Come and walk in this “Lingnan Garden”.




Lai Chi Kok Park is located in the reclamation area of Lai Chi Kok. As Lichee is a famous fruit of Lingnan; this modest garden, therefore, is constructed with the authentic theme.




You may immerse and indulge in this traditional Lingnan culture among all the buildings and architectural structures of the 10 scenic spots.






With an exhausting drill of packing kids’ toys and stuff (or yours, actually), why don’t you bring them to the playground inside? Let them and yourself take a break. What a relief!




Inside the park, you can find a right field to play basketball, volleyball, soccer, tennis or even gateball with your buddies. Play hard with joys and re-energize yourself.




Let’s have a workout and uplift the spirit – keep staying on the jogging trail.




Wouldn’t it be great to challenge yourself in the roller skating rink?




Relax, after spending your time in Hongkong Storage!