Avengers: The Joining of New Heroes

The long-awaited movie “Avengers: Endgame” will be premiered in April. We all know the hype surrounding superheroes. But in reality, we have a great number of heroes surrounding us in our daily life. The world is so big that nothing is surprising.


In Hongkong Storage, superheroes are everywhere.


Source: Marvel Studios


Iron Man Kit

“Kit is not only professional, but also meticulous. I tried to offer him gratuity as a reward for his excellent services but he rejected,” our client, Mr. Tin said. Hongkong Storage is regulated so that employees are banned to receive tips from clients. Instead, writing compliments is a superb way to appreciate our services.


Hongkong Storage provides a one-stop shop for self-storage that satisfies all needs. Kit is one of our professionals within the logistics team, and his nickname is Iron Man.


His belief of providing the best services to customers is as strong as that of Iron Man. The tasks of the logistic team seem simple. However, everyone in the team has to get through a professional training to guarantee speed, accuracy and reliability in our services.


Source: Marvel Studios


Captain Marvel Candy

Apart from the efforts of front-line colleagues, customer service support is instrumental in providing all-round services to customers. Candy works as a customer services officer. Team members call her Captain Marvel, since she’s got a “superpower” that can always address the problems raised by customers. She uses her sweet tone, nice attitude and detailed explanation to eliminate the doubts of customers.



S.H.I.E.L.D. Hong Kong Storage

Hongkong Storage values storage as much as clients do, we promise to shield them no matters what happens.


“Hongkong Storage is reliable, they took all the preventative measures before the Super Typhoon Mangkhut come in order to prevent any damages,” client Ms. Lo said. We provide quality service, all facilities are equipped with hi-tech equipment for protection, including 24-hour auto temperature and humidity controls, CCTV and warning systems.


Hongkong Storage was established in 1997. Everyone in our team is working hard to offer the best services to customers and help improve living quality. In the aims of continuous improvement, we deliberately establish a “Hero Wall” as a way for customers to give opinions or recognize the efforts of all our staff.


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