Cycling in Sha Tin



You would always find a great reason to enjoy a weekend cycling in Sha Tin if you are fond of riding a bicycle! Your family, your lover or just your bike buddies – whoever you plan to have a bike trip with, you may find cycling tracks in Sha Tin are very enjoyable as they are systematic and well developed.


The network of cycling tracks was built to cover almost the whole Sha Tin area. Let the tracks lead your way and you will find out those wonders of the natural beauty from Sha Tin, Tai Wai, Ma On Shan, Tai Po and Lai Chung, etc.


Here are some suggested routes for every bike lover as follows:-


Take the Wheel around Sha Tin

We ride inside Sha Tin area and take a peek at every corner around. Let’s get started at Sha Tin Park, riding via Hong Kong Heritage Museum, Tai Wai, Che Kung Temple, Tsang Tai Uk, Yat Ming Chuen, Sha Kok Estate, Yuen Chau Kok, City One, (crossing the ‘Twin bridges’) Hong Kong Jockey Club Sha Tin Racecourse, Wo Che Estate, Lek Yuen Estate, back to Sha Tin Park as our endpoint. If you just want a casual ride, it is a good idea for you to go Shing Mun River Channel.


Next, to Tai Po

You probably want to challenge yourself for a mid-distance route. Why don’t you try this one – from Sha Tin to Tai Po? We start at Sha Tin Park and ride beside Shing Mun River Channel (via Lek Yuen Estate, Wo Che Estate, Sha Tin Rowing Centre, Hong Kong Sports Institute, Hong Kong Jockey Club Sha Tin Racecourse, then choose Tolo Harbour Cycling Track toward Tai Po Waterfront Park. Take a break there and have some snacks, then return to Sha Tin on the same route.


A friendly tip: You may find some narrow turns between the path along – from Hong Kong Sports Institute to Hong Kong Jockey Club Sha Tin Racecourse. Be very cautious there to avoid the accident!


*We suggest you could ride from Tai Po Waterfront Park to scenic Tai Mei Tuk if you are still fit enough. However, please take a rest before you ride again if you get too tired. (Stay Safe: this is very important to all of us!)


Give Yourself a Challenge: Nai Chung

Another great cycling route would make all bike lovers feel blissful – from Sha Tin to Nai Chung. We start from the same point, Sha Tin Park, and ride directly toward another side of Shing Mun River Channel. Take the wheel and ride along (via Tsang Tai Uk, Jat Ming Chueng, Sha Kok Estate, Yuen Chau Kok, City One), Tai Shui Hang, Ma On Shan Waterfront Park, U Kai Sha and then Nai Chung. Enjoy your afternoon tea there and finish your day before returning to Sha Tin Park.


Hongkong Storage: A Great place for your beloved bike

Not enough space to store your bike(s) in your living place? Want to keep enjoying cycling? Hongkong Storage has a great solution for you.  Our branches located in Sha Tin (CIB branch and NTP branch) offer you different sizes of self storage units for storing and protecting your bike(s) and equipment.  As stated in Hongkong Storage’s vision statement, “We want to see busy urbanites having more time to enjoy life and more space to cherish what they own.”  Happy riding!