Development of Mini Storage


The first mini-warehouse was in the United States in 1960s . Then, this operation was turned into “self-storage industry”, and has been booming in many cities over world. According to the survey in 2006, there were about 41,000 mini-warehouses in the United State, about 1000 in Australia and about 600 in Britain. Nowadays, it has became a very mature industry. The locations of warehouse in these countries can be divided into three regions: the rural area, the suburb and the city. In rural area, the majority of mini-warehouses are set up in rows of single-storey buildings, customers can drive directly to the gate of their warehouse. In the suburb, the mini-warehouses are usually built with one to three floors, customers can only send the storage items from the main gate of ground floor. The mini-warehouses in the city are usually in the building with several stories. Customers can transport the storage items to their storage rooms with the help of the lift and trolley.

Recently, with more industrial buildings are converted into mini-warehouses, the business of mini-storage service became competitive. In view of this, Hongkong Storage was established to provide mini-storage service with delivery to and from a mini-warehouse. It also has customer service centers and service concept store to offer customers with different and intimate services.

With rapid economic development, Hong Kong people’s spending power is getting higher together with high population density which makes Hong Kong become the first city to have mini-storage services in China. According to the market survey, the mini-warehouse area per capital of Hong Kong is less than 0.06 square meters when compare with other countries that is 0.1 square meters. This indicates that there is still much room for development of mini-warehouse services in Hong Kong. However, during the development of mini-storage industry, there are some challenges and obstacles occurred. As the industry is expanding, many people want to get involved and get some profit from it . But without standardization of service quality, it leads to a number of sub-standard mini storage appears. In order to cut costs, the facilities of some sub-standard mini-warehouse may be failed to meet the requirements of standard mini-warehouse. Thus, it may lead to disputes in customer relationship. At the same time, a number of foreign mini storage companies enters Hong Kong market which has created a great impact for the development of mini-storage industry.

In the 20 century, Hong Kong’s mini-storage company began to focus on professional management and service quality. You may search “mini-warehouse” from Yahoo or Google and you can find dozens of companies and most of them were located in industrial area. With a mission to offer high quality service, the storage rooms of Hongkong Storage are equipped with temperature and humidity control system, 24-hour CCTV surveillance systems, access control systems and other equipment that offer a safety and comfortable storage environment. In addition, Hongkong Storage was the first company to adapt SAP which is a world class software solution of ERP business management, business information, human resources, logistics, warehousing and other data files. This help to improve the standard of the mini-storage industry.