Hongkong Storage | 15+ Caring Company


“Taking from and giving to society” is the philosophy we are upholding of since Hongkong Storage was founded.


The corporate responsibility has always been an integral part of our company’s core values.  Hongkong Storage is excited to be awarded 15 Year Plus Caring Company Logo by the Hong Kong Council of Social Services (HKCSS), in recognition of our commitment in Caring for the Community for the 15th consecutive year.

Mr. Bobby Chung, the Chairman, and Mr. Alex Chung, the Managing Director attended the ceremony together with the Caring Group members, and received the Caring Company Logo on March 16.


A great photo: Mr. Bobby Chung (second from left) and Mr. Alex Chung (first from right) with Caring Group members


Mr. Bobby Chung and Mr. Alex Chung really excited on the display of the latest services of St. James’ Settlement and had a great chat with Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Josephine Lee (second from right).



Hongkong storage has been supporting the activities of St. James’ Settlement for many years. Bobby Chung and Alex Chung were really interested in their new service.


Hongkong Storage would love to keep on taking up the corporate social responsibility. We do care – to make Hong Kong a more cohesive and better society!