Hongkong Storage Sha Tin FlagshipStore Specially Provides Concierge Service

Hongkong Storage opens the doors to its first FlagshipStore in Fo Tan (Sha Tin District) on 23 May 2019. Shatin FlagshipStore has been certified by the Hong Kong Q-Mark Product Scheme that acknowledging its service excellence. The FlagshipStore provides the comprehensive storage facilities and services, including Storage Advisory Service, Concierge Service to provide the best in class, unique, innovative and premium storage experience to our customers.



Concierge Service

We dedicate our utmost efforts on providing quality, professional and reliable storage services. In our Sha Tin Flagship store, you can expect more. We are thrilled to introduce to the market some unique premium services. For examples:



Concierge Service 1: Premium Move for You


Hongkong Storage provides free transportation and porter service for the customer who commits 12 months’ service contract. If you are moving in or out of storage facility, or simply need help organising your storage, our professional logistic team will be pleased to help.


Concierge Service 2: Porter Service


You would be welcomed by our concierge, who would be more than happy to help you carrying the luggage whenever you are arriving or leaving the FlagshipStore, and assist you in organizing items at the storage room. We are dedicated to bringing you a new excellent and warm storage experience.


Concierge Service 3: Clothes Recycling Service


Hongkong Storage understands that our Earth’s resources are precious to our future. As a sustainable initiative, the FlagshipStore launched the clothes recycling services collaborating with The Salvation Army. You could donate your unwanted clothes for reuse and recycling.


Concierge Service 4: Temporary Storage Service


After organizing your storage items, sometimes you may feel inconvenient to take them back home immediately because of your schedule. FlagshipStore’s temporary storage service can certainly help you! Customers who need to store items temporarily can use our temporary storage service, we could deliver your items to your home by the time customers requested.


Concierge Service 5: Mobile Charging and Power Rental Service


We understand the hassle of a mobile battery running out when you are on the go. In the Shatin FlagshipStore, you can make use of our mobile charging and power rental service to convenient charging of your device.


Concierge Service 6: Umbrella Lending Service


Weather in Hong Kong is unpredictable. Hongkong Storage cares about customer’s every need. In Shatin FlagshipStore, we provide umbrellas lending service. Hence, you can come to us to organize your items at any time under any weather situations.


Storage Advisory Service


Our professional storage consultant could provide advice regarding every customer’s storage needs. We would firstly understand your storage needs and items category, and then choose the most suitable storage room for you. After that, the consultant would provide you some storage solutions and introduce different storage tools. We would also provide the one-stop service on ordering, delivery, and installation, such as O’Easy Cabinets and other storage tools. This helps you to save time, and enjoy the storage service effortlessly.


Introducing the New O’Easy Cabinets

Our new O’Easy Cabinets help customers to fully make use of the storage room space. O’Easy Cabinets come with 3 different sizes, customers can freely to choose different combinations to fit their storage rooms and needs. More than that, customers can now make use of the upper space more effectively by using the vertical storage space of O’Easy Cabinets. As O’Easy Cabinets are movable, it is convenient to take out the items from the back of the storage. Thus, customers could store their belongings easily by the shelves and hanging pole provided, or use together with other storage containers to fully utilize the space.



MeZone – Theme Storage Showcase

As the first in the market, we set up the MeZone area, which demonstrates a total of 4 theme storage showcase organized based on the needs of our customers, from which, you may be inspired and get some practical tips to make you an amazing and well-organized storage room!



The Ingenious Storage Design


The Sha Tin FlagshipStore is designed to provide our customers with a relaxing and gorgeous environment and make them feel at home.  The customers are able to enjoy a cup of coffee and relax in the cosy resting area.  In future, more activities can be expected to be carried out in the multi-function area in the branch.



Family-friendly Facilities

The Sha Tin FlagshipStore specially designed the Kids’ Corner for customers who visit the self storage with their kids.  Customers can handle the storage items while the kids can have fun with the toys in the Kids Corner.  In addition, a baby diaper changing station is equipped in the washroom to care for the parents’ needs.



The resting area is using the relaxing color scheme of earthy tones, where you can find the self-service beverage bar and also the comfortable furniture to allow our customers to take a break there.


Community Engagement

Apart from the storage services, we would like to connect with the community by collaborating with different organizations to organise different kinds of seminars and activities in the FlagshipStore. Stay tuned for our upcoming activities!


Established for over 20 years, Hongkong Storage is a founding member of the Self-Storage Association Asia. As a trusted storage service provider, Hongkong Storage aims to create a unique premium storage experience to household customers.