Introduction of Mini Storage

In Hong Kong, mini storage is mainly used for storing household and personal items in small warehouse. Large warehouses are also converted into a number of small warehouse, or in the form of lockers for monthly rental.

The companies in Hong Kong offer different sizes of storage rooms for customers according to their storage purpose. In the United States, self-storage warehouse usually equipped with shutters style garage doors and the walls are corrugated with metal. However, it does not have any windows, and requires customers to lock the door by themselves. In general, self storage warehouses usually equip with security systems, surveillance cameras CCTV, alarm devices and other measures to ensure the safety of storage unit. On the other hand, Hongkong Storage requires customers to use smart cards and password to enter the storage room, while in other countries, some of them may use biometric fingerprint or hand scanner technology to enhance the security of the warehouse.

For legal protection, customers are required to sign a storage contract with the standard terms and conditions of storage items. About the payment of the service, normally the company will provide monthly statements, automatic transfer, credit card payment and so on. For safety reason, customers are suggested to use their own lock to secure the storage room. Apart from this, self storage operators are not allowed to move customers’ store items, unless the customers do not settle the payment over a period of time and according to the storage contract, it may lead to the disposal procedure. The operators have the right to seize customer’s storage items and sell at auction. If the amount from auction cannot settle the arrears of rental, customers are responsible to make up the difference. Many countries have been included this part into legal provisions to protect the mini-storage operators.

What can be put into storage room? Any harmless, non-toxic, non-perishable items, such as personal household goods, furniture, models, backlog of retail commodities can be placed in storage room. Besides, something like furs and antiques requires specific temperature and humidity level. Regarding to this matter, the storage rooms of Hongkong Storage are equipped with temperature and humidity control system. It is especially important in humid weather of Hong Kong so that we can provide comfortable storage environment for customers to handle their items. Apart from personal usage, companies will also put their old files and documents and other office supplies into mini storage. It can help to save more space and cut the cost of rent. Moreover, mini-storage companies will provide transportation services for business clients so that they can reduce labor costs. With these reason, mini warehouse service has been recognized by more and more people in Hong Kong.

Based on the idea of mini storage, Hongkong Storage launched Yes-Storage in 2006 and it is a new “Door-to-door mini-storage” service. This service provides customers with different functional storage boxes and will be delivered to customers’ home. Also, customers are provided with combination locks to enhance the privacy and security level. After packing, logistic team will transport the locked storage boxes to central warehouse. This service enables customers to deal with their storage items at home and no need for them to visit the mini storage in person. More importantly, the service can also help to saves time and free up space at home.