Message from Chairman of Hongkong Storage






2016 has been a challenging year for Hongkong Storage as well as the whole mini-storage industry.  Before preparing ourselves for 2017, let us review our achievements last year.


The Enterprise Management Structure – Management Bible

I would describe 2016 as a stage for the preparation of our “Enterprise Management Structure” as a solid foundation to cater for our future mini-storage business development in 2017.  Since January last year, we have been working very hard for setting up the ‘Management Bible’.  Acting like the human brain, the Management Bible guides and optimizes daily departmental operational procedures, monitors business particulars as well as making better indicators such as KPIs and SOPs. This system is indeed an extension to support our SAP system, with an aim to enhance the efficiency in corporate governance and business operation.


The Management Bible systemizes and unifies our business management into an indispensable mobile platform which helps our management team to support our overseas business expansion efficiently.  In the event of policy making or communicating with potential investors or entrepreneurs, reports can thus be presented timely through this system for management decisions.


Success is built on our persistence and promises

The foundation of a sound and healthy enterprise requires strong support in respect of talents, brand establishment, system and technology as well as research and development. With keen determination, we are keeping our company system and technology advanced and updated in response to the ever-changing market trends, such as introducing Microsoft Business Intelligence to convert data into business intelligence for keeping us ahead of the market.


We believe in people

The vision of a company can only be realized under the collaboration of a professional team with the same goal.  Sustainable staff development is one of the key successful factors for our business.  We build the team by internal development and promotion as well as external recruitment.  Throughout the years, we are very pleased that our efforts on talent development have attained external affirmations such as the Excellence in Human Resources 2015/16 award presented by the Hong Kong Institute of Human Resources Management; we have been awarded for two consecutive years (2014-15 and 2015-16) the “Enterprise Award (2014-16)”.  In 2016, Hong Kong Q-Mark Council has granted us the Q-Mark Service Licensee again, and it came together with the consumer online-elected “Q-Mark Elite Brand” award for the first time.


All our staff are dedicated to provide our customers with professional, reliable and excellent storage experience.  We understand that safety is one of the foremost concerns from customers, especially after the tragic accident in Ngau Tau Kok last June.  We have reviewed and applied tightened policies and introduced more intensive training to raise the staff’s knowledge on facilities management.  For example, over 70% of our staff have completed the Fire Safety Ambassador course held by Fire Services Department last year, and according to the schedule, all levels of staff should complete the training this year.


Rise to the challenges ahead

Ever since the tragic accident in Ngau Tau Kok blaze last year, the operators of the entire industry have been reflecting on their business model.  As the founded member of Self-Storage Association Asia (SSAA), we have been assisting SSAA to coordinate with various government departments for discussions including Security Bureau, Lands Department, Fire Services Department, Electrical & Mechanical Services Department etc., to escalate the operation standard of the Hong Kong mini-storage industry.


We place the importance not only at the basic operational benefits, but also a continuous improvement of service standard to provide customers with excellent storage experience.  To optimize and upgrade our storage facilities, besides of the G4S Security system, we have introduced a 24-hour cloud based central real time environmental (temperature & humidity) surveillance system.  Moreover, we have implemented stricter guidelines and regulations on different aspects, including fire safety management, water-proof management and internet security, to ensure professional and reliable services at all times.


Opportunity favors only prepared mind

One of our key focuses in 2016 was corporate financing, we have commissioned Macquarie Capital of Macquarie Group to be our financial advisor, strengthening our capital capacity for the new business areas in the next decade.


Hongkong Storage goes global

At 2015 year end, we officially started mini-storage and document storage business in Shanghai under the new international brand name “Good World Storage”.  All of us are so excited as we witnessed the development from business feasibility study, learning of district rules and regulations, choosing locations, to our first order fulfilment. This strategic move turned our international business development into a new page.




Work together for a brighter 2017


1997         Mini-storage first appeared in Hong Kong.  Hongkong Storage was the pioneer of the industry.

2017         It marks the 20th anniversary of Hongkong Storage’s establishment, and also we witness the mini-storage industry’s     transformation in Hong Kong, where was the starting point in Asia 20 years ago.


At the time of writing, it happened to be the transition from 2016 to 2017, as if “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” from Charles Dickens’s “A Tale of Two Cities”.  We understand that we may encounter lots of obstacles in the future development of the mini-storage industry as well as the enterprise itself.  However, we believe that opportunities are there for us, we are prepared and have the courage to tackle any challenges we may face, so as to keep the brand promise to our customers and provide people with excellent storage experience!


Wishing everybody happiness and prosperity in 2017!


Bobby Chung


Hongkong Storage

January 2017