Be Different and Outstanding as a Professional | Our Distinguished Salesperson of Hongkong Storage


Among different departments of Hongkong Storage, we gather many colleagues with professional skills and specialties as Hongkong Storage would really strive for delivering so many unsurpassed storage experiences to our customers. One of our elite colleagues has just been awarded as a ‘Distinguished Salesperson’ of the 49th Distinguished Salesperson Award Programme, which is under the sponsorship of the Sales and Marketing Executives Club of the Hong Kong Management Association (HKMA), in conjunction with Sales and Marketing International of New York (SMEI). He is from our sales department – Sam Cheung!



The Distinguished Salesperson Award Programme (DSA Programme), now in its 49th year in the territory, is an international project intended to bring public recognition to outstanding sales personnel. The programme and its awards are now being recognized worldwide by sales professionals as the standard of excellence in selling.



Sam, as a Sales Supervisor for 4 years in Hongkong Storage, believes that if we would really want to induce customers to experience a service in a different and outstanding way, what the services provide should be more than what those customers expect. Sam recalled, “a customer who wanted to move his items to our storage from his previous one was too busy to find time to do by himself. Therefore, I contacted his previous storage operator to arrange the schedule and personally monitor the logistics. To comfort the customer, I captured the process,” The customer felt surprised to tell Sam that he never had such an unsurpassed storage experience before.