Pack & Store Clothing in an Easy Way




A new year comes and we always want to have a new start, don’t we? Let’s begin with our lousy and messy closets. It is a good time for us to put those clothes (not-in-use, seasonal, etc) into our self storage!


Before delivering boxes of clothes to the self storage, we do need a well-prepared action plan. Life is short. Let’s move!


Choose the ‘Right’ Clothes

What is right or wrong? It is the toughest call for everyone while standing in front of closets. (To ladies, each piece is always their best one!) Why don’t we pick the summer clothes you have worn not more than twice or even not once! In this category, we suggest you find some suitable for donation. After that, the rest is easier to handle. For guys, the clothing not wearing for over 1 year, you may put them into the ‘self storage list’!

Determined, make your life easier! (Your closets too!)





Clean before You Store

You may wear some clothes once or twice and casually put them back in the wardrobe. You would probably think they are clean enough but of course not! If you want to keep them from developing stains over the time, the clothes should be washed once and ideally we could hang them under the sun for a couple of hours. Don’t be LAZY!




Fold Well


Fold your clothing well and place it into your storage boxes / bags in order. This can save more space in the boxes / bags. More clothing can be stored.



Here are some helpful tips on how to fold clothing efficiently:-








Source: Spark Joy/Houzz



Store in a Box / Bag

You can place the clothing vertically so that you can easily spot your favorites later. It is also great enough to help you store more. Take a photo of each labeled box for your record then.





Beware of Bugs and Keep Clothing in Dry Condition

No matter how long you would store the clothing, it is highly recommended place some desiccant dehumidifier packs and pest repellers in the boxes / bags before you store the boxes/bags to your self storage.








The storage environment of each Hongkong Storage branch is trustworthy – we provide a 24/7-conditioned temperature and humidity storage environment.