“Paint the Dreams, Change their Lives” Charity Exhibition Fulfilling the dreams of Cambodian orphans – Rainbow Chow

“Everyone has a unique talent and every child should have a right to dream.” It is the belief of Miss Rainbow Chow, an artist who has been one of the volunteers of the Cambodian orphanage ODA (Orphans & Disadvantaged Association) located in Seam Reap since 2008.

Photo 1: Artist Miss Rainbow Chow

Discovering the amazing talents and dreams of the ODA’s children at her visiting, Rainbow is truly touched and inspired by the little angels. She has recently held an art exhibition “Paint the Dreams, Change their Lives” in Hong Kong to showcase Rainbow and the children’s creative artworks with the theme of Cambodian landscape.

Rainbow told Hongkong Storage that a child asked her during the exhibition, “What is orphan?” Without asking, children of Hong Kong live in a rich society. Concepts of “orphan”, “war” and “poverty” are really far away from them. After her explanation, Rainbow was blessed that the exhibition did truly had missions, not only to raise funds, but also to enhance public awareness on caring the underprivileged.

The exhibition has a deep meaning to the Cambodian children as well, who had dreamt of holding an art exhibition to prove that they can live on whatever they possess and remain contentedly self-sufficient.

Hongkong Storage is excited and thankful to Rainbow for showcasing the selected paintings from the exhibition. The paintings will be displayed at our Lai Chi Kok (YYC) Branch, To Kwa Wan (SWI) Branch, Kwun Tong Branch, Mongkok Branch, Sai Wan Branch and Tuen Mun Branch between 23rd June and 31st August 2014.

Photo 2: The paintings are now displayed in Lai Chi Kok (YYC) Branch.

Photo 3: You can also visit Tuen Mun (HCB) Branch for the selected paintings.

We hope that these paintings will not only evoke your aesthetic feelings, but also encourage you to follow the footstep of Rainbow in social commitment.

For more information about the “Paint the Dreams, Change the Lives” Charity Exhibition, please visit the related Facebook page (www.facebook.com/icdahk), or phone the number 64189878.

Photo 4: Rainbow is dedicated into volunteering of the Cambodian orphanage ODA (Orphans & Disadvantaged Association) located in Seam Reap.

Photo 5: A Cambodian girl is showing her paintings.