The addition of Security Video Wall System Keep Your Belongings Safer




At Hongkong Storage, we fully understand that the security of your properties is very important to you and we are committed to providing you with the safe and secure storage environment in all our facilities. For years, we continually take proactive steps to ensure that our security is in line with enhancements and advancements in the industry.

In view of this, the Security Video Wall System has been set up in Hongkong Storage’s headquarters to support real-time surveillance and a seamless facility management this year. With the new system in place, all our facilities are under real-time central monitoring directly by our staff in the headquarters, allowing effective and timely response to any emergency issues happened on site.

“Professional storage facility management relies not only a single comprehensive system, but also the ability of well-trained staff to monitor a wide range of visual information in real time.”, said Mr Alex Chung, Managing Director of Hongkong Storage. “Being able to combine diverse security cameras greatly improves efficiency, responsiveness, security, and ultimately the storage experience. Customers can expect to see more advancement and innovation in the near future.”

Nowadays, Hongkong Storage is managing over 2.5 million cubic feet storage facilities in Hong Kong, safeguarded 24 hours by G4S Security System, Digital CCTV, and Access Control System.