The first in the industry! Hongkong Storage website recognizes as Friendly Website in “Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme”

Hongkong Storage website ( is recognized as Friendly Website on 16th January 2019 in “Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme”, which is organized by Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited, co-organized by the Office of Government Chief Information Officer while the Equal Opportunities Commission serves as the independent advisor. Hongkong Storage was the first enterprise to receive this recognition among the self storage industry.


Hongkong Storage website  is recognized as Friendly Website in “Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme”.

The organizers hope to promote web accessibility design to more enterprises and organizations through the scheme, to take care of the needs of accessing information online for everyone (including groups with special needs), such as introducing the technology of voice navigation, text enlargement, image comparison, etc, so as to bring people closer and closer.


Hongkong Storage supports adopting web accessibility design.


This year, Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme enters the fifth round, over hundreds of enterprises and organizations were awarded or recognized of their persistent efforts in pushing digital inclusion.


As a corporate citizen, Hongkong Storage has been devoting ourselves in fulfilling social responsibility for years, and is expected to allocate more resources to improve the design of official website and mobile application, enhance the user experience and contribute to building a caring and inclusive society continuously in future.