The First Step for Entering Mainland China

The First Step for Entering Mainland China

Hongkong Storage Participated in Shanghai’s Trade Fair

Aiming to arouse awareness and introduce the self storage development in mainland China, Hongkong Storage, for its first time, has taken part in the “The 11th International Trade Fair and Forum on Sourcing 2015” which was held in Shanghai between 22-23 Oct, 2015.  During the 2-day trade fair, the visitors connected with exhibitors from various industry like banking, advertising, technology, self storage as well as courier etc.

“Through the concept and development self storage industry’ is mature in most developed countries, there is still a gap on this in mainland China.  The exhibition is a good platform for us to open the door to Shanghai and introduce our professional self storage service.  Quite a lot of valuable comments from the visitors were received and very positive and confident on our future development in China”, said Alex Chung, Managing Director of Hongkong Storage.

Hongkong Storage is planning to introduce the self storage, document storage as well as Management Contract service by the end of 2015.