The New Power Bank and Mobile Charging Rental Service in Tin Hau Customer Service Center

Hongkong Storage aims to providing customers with excellent and caring storage experiences. As most of you may aware, there are static mobile charging docks available in our storage branches to cater for customers’ unexpected needs on mobile charging, however, some customers may demand for a more convenience and portable solution other than charging docks.



In view of this, we are pleased to partner with MobiJuce* to provide the MobiJuce Mobile Charging and Power Rental Service in our Tin Hau Service Centre starting from March this year. MobiJuce provides a fully automated GPS based system which allows users to rent a JucePac power bank from any of their JuceBox charging station using the MobiJuce App.



Users can use the charging service by following simple procedures: 1) Download the application; 2) Scan the QR code; 3) Choose the type of JucePac that suits your device, lift it; 4) Return the JucePac power bank to any JuceBox charging station.


For the first-time user, please enter the promo code MOBIJUCE20 for a free 1st time trial.**



The mobile charging rental service will be extended to other Service Centres by phases, so that customers of Hongkong Storage are able to enjoy the MobiJuce Mobile Charging service and no need to be worried when your mobile is running out of battery! When you need to get an emergency mobile charging, do drop by the Tin Hau Service centre.





*JuceBox and JucePac are operated and provided by MobiJuce

** Terms & Conditions Applied.  MobiJuce reserves the right to terminate the offer without prior notice.