The Self Storage Equipment We Wish You’d Never Use




What would you do if an accident happened while you were in the self storage on your own, or something more serious happened?


How would you react? “The question is hypothetical. I will probably never bump into this situation” – your mind might respond this way right away.  As we know, however, there are so many unexpected what-ifs, not just in Sci-fi books, but in real life as well.


What Hongkong Storage designs and installs in our self storages are all based on how we can enhance the safety for customers and their properties stored.  All the equipment installed in our self-storage branches comes from nothing but all our what-if situations.


We really appreciate our customers using all the equipment of our self storages since they can rest assured what Hongkong storage promises – the unsurpassed storage experience! However, some exceptional ones – here are the three buttons we hope our customers will never have a chance to touch:-


hongkongstorage_firealarmFire Alarm Break Glass Unit

If you notice something is on fire in the self storage, go and find the Fire Alarm Break Glass Unit to initiate the fire alarm system which accordingly sends fire alarm signals to the management office of the building and the Fire Services Department.







hongkongstorage_emergencybuttonEmergency Button

There are Emergency Buttons installed in the self-storage branches in case we encounter any unusual and unexpected peril or accident. Press the Emergency Button to contact the police!






Emergency Button (another type)










hongkongstorage_emergencydoorreleaseEmergency Door Release

If you find the door out of service or unable to open in any situations, trigger the Emergency Door Release and it will immediately be unlocked.





We do certainly hope no one will have a sheer chance to look for the above-mentioned devices. Nevertheless, Hongkong Storage is well prepared for the unexpected scenarios.


It is always Hongkong Storage’s promise to provide customers with a safe and comfortable storage environment.