The Top 5 Sideline Choices for Employees

Things are getting more expensive and the cost of living is getting higher in Hong Kong. Living from paycheck to paycheck, employees may consider developing a sideline which they are interested in, so as to open the gate for starting entrepreneurship. You may have a look on the following 5 major sideline choices; see if this can become your “second income”.

1.   Web or app design

For large companies or SMEs, they need to have their own websites. Mobile applications (Apps) have also been used by mobile Internet users in recent years, there is much potential of development and demand for this industry. You may find related resources online to learn coding for web and app. Therefore it is worth trying.

2.  Freelance writing

Content writing is very important for marketing nowadays, whether press release, market information or corporate promotional articles, all kinds of these materials require writing talents. If you have good writing skills and a basic understanding of search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing strategies, don’t hesitate to join this industry.

3.  Graphic design

For contents, images such as logos, illustrations are equally important as text. If you are familiar with art and design, you may upload your work on websites like Upwork, Fiverr, or other social media platforms to attract more companies to approach you.

4.  Online Shopping Agents

Online shopping is becoming a trend. Many agents help purchasing overseas items like clothing, food, skin care products and cosmetics, etc. Even we are in Hong Kong, we can do oversea shopping at any time. Employees can make good use of their spare time to manage their online shopping agent business, so give it a try!

5.  Handmade products

Some ladies are interested in doing handmade things, such as accessories, leather, etc. Actually, many designers from all around the world will sell their handmade products on online platforms like Etsy, Creema, Pinkoi; you may follow their way and turn your hobby to a sideline.

When there are more and more goods, materials or finished products, it is not easy to store all of them in your home, eventually you will find hard to move a step. You can consider storing them in a mini storage which provides ideal storage environment with humidity and temperature control, and prevents mold in such humid weather. At the same time, by having more storage space, you can expand your business scale without worrying about how to keep your additional goods or materials.