Time for Holiday Trip – Choose the Right Travel Luggage!




Are you preparing for your holiday trip in the coming peak season? Many big things or small things need your call – finding hotels, booking air tickets, renting cars, and also drafting a perfect itinerary, so as to satisfy everyone’s wish list if your family or friends join together. Re-schedule? Again and again. Finalize? Maybe it can be settled after a thousand revisions!


‘Now the trip is well planned and I am ready to go!’ While you are standing in your self storage unit,  looking at your different luggage cases well-packed inside, it’s time to make your mind up – which one should I carry? The large one… too bulky? The small one… maybe not enough?


The moment becomes a ‘millionaire-quiz’ question! Don’t worry and Hongkong Storage would like to suggest you a luggage size guide as follows:-


Trips of 3-5 days

You may choose a 16” – 20” luggage for your short business trip or a quick weekend trip to Tokyo/Taipei.  It is perfectly suitable for your fast pace as you can bring it on the plane directly.


Trips of 5 – 7 days

The size of 22” – 26” luggage is capable of packing what you need in one week. Few more suits would be fine with a business trip as well.


Trips over a week

If you go to a place where it will snow, the 27” – 30” luggage is especially ideal for all your gears (warm clothing, boots, gloves, hats, etc). Depending on how well your packing skill is, souvenirs may also have enough room to pack. (No promise to super shopaholic)


What about hand baggage?

Ladies with your elegant hand baggage and gentlemen with your ‘weight load’, before getting aboard, please make sure the size of your hand baggage does not exceed the hand baggage guidelines set by the Airline Operators Committee.*


According to Hong Kong International Airport’s website, the hand baggage carried onboard an aircraft:-

  • must not exceed 56cm x 36cm x 23 cm (22” x 14” x 9”)
  • each piece cannot exceed 7 kg (15 lb)
  • these dimensions include wheels, handles and side pockets


One more thing: Check your airline if any specific rules and restrictions about luggage before taking your luggage away from the self storage unit!




Hong Kong International Airport