To Tip or Not to Tip?







‘Do you have any ideas on tipping your staff of Logistics, Customer Service, or any other departments to show my appreciation?’ our customers asked.


In general, tipping is not mandatory in Hong Kong and we would tip for a taxi ride, a splendid meal, or a great coffee. These tipping practices are very common. How about Hongkong Storage?  According to our past experience, customers who are impressed by our services would like to tip our staff as gratitude.  However, you may get the following response from our staff, ‘thank you for your kindness, but I am afraid that I can’t accept a tip.’


Would that response be a bit awkward?  Let’s explain in detail – At Hongkong Storage, we promise to bring professional, trustworthy and excellent storage experience to our customers.  It is always our staff’s pleasure and duty to serve our customers with the best attentive service.  According to our policy, all staff is not allowed to accept any TIPS from customers in any case!


Some customers might worry that the “no-tips” may imply that they are dissatisfied with our staff’s service, but actually we can assure our customers that your smile is already a great encouragement to us. On the other hand, we would appreciate if you can drop a simple compliment note to tell us how you feel about our staff and service. Your valuable comments are definitely our drive for pursuing service excellence. At the same time, your compliments may also benefit the staff in terms of incentive and career advancement.


Simple but meaningful. We are looking forward to your encouragement through your ‘Words’.