We care our Hongkong Storage team – sharing our use of ‘Employment Assistance Program’





Hongkong Storage team is the most valuable asset of the company! Because of their profession and diligence, Hongkong Storage realizes what a successful path an enterprise can walk along. Our company specifically set up an ‘Employment Assistance Program (EAP)’– to enhance employees’ quality of life and to reinforce the sustainability of our business as well. The program offers employees a spectrum of services, from resolving personal or work-related problems, life crisis, everyday pressure, to interpersonal relationship development, as well as providing a series of health tips.


Our Managing Director Mr Louis Chung was invited by the service provider – Four Dimensions Consulting Limited, to share the rationale behind setting up the EAP proactively and also the users’ experiences. Hongkong Storage adheres to our dedication to excellence and commits to invest in human capital. As we always treasure the health and mental well-being of employees, by providing this service, it helps escalate the company’s efficiency while maintaining the employees’ work-life balance at the same time.


迷你倉_僱員支援計劃_訪問 迷你倉_僱員支援計劃_訪問

Our Managing Director Mr Louis Chung shares experiences of our ‘Employment Assistance Program (EAP)’.