Your Compliment – Our Momentum to Move Forward






Your Compliment – Our Momentum to Move Forward.

Compliment Award Scheme 2017


From time to time, Hongkong Storage is delighted to receive many compliment letters from customers, either by mail or direct survey, expressing their encouragement and appreciation on the attentive services provided by our frontline staff.


Starting from January 1st, Hongkong Storage extended the ‘Hongkong Storage Compliment Award Scheme which was in place for years to cover all front line staff, including Logistics & Distribution Service, Administration & Facilities Management, Sales Services and Customer Services as well.  Through the new scheme, the company would acknowledge the excellent performance of our front line staff that impresses our customers by their professional and dedicated services.  The staff are excited about getting the award, not only because of the incentive and future career advancement opportunity but also they treasure it as a recognition of their contribution to work from the customers and the company.


Even a simple compliment message from you means a lot to us.  It represents your smile, your appreciation, and your encouragement to our staff.  It also signifies your satisfaction, your support and your trust to Hongkong Storage which enable us to strive for customer service excellence which we promise to our customers.