Your Compliments  Our Encouragement



Providing excellent customer experience is always central to the design of our services.  It’s always our staff’s duty to provide quality services beyond customers’ expectation.  In view of this, our company policy strictly prohibits our staff, including frontline logistic team, from accepting any tip after providing service.

However, if you are impressed by the attitude or service provided by our frontline staff, we would appreciate if you can send us a compliment letter with the related staff name indicated to show your gratification.  Hongkong Storage has established a comprehensive remuneration and promotion scheme.  Your compliment plays a significant role in measuring the staff performance and reward.

Your compliments are always our staff’s motive for continuous improvement. You are always welcome to send us your comments either by mail or email.  Our logistic staff will also be happy to provide you the feedback form for comments.

We always treasure every single comment, either good or bad, as we believe that it paths our way to achieving service excellence.