Self Storage in Asia

Self storage is not a new industry in countries like United State or England. Thanks to the popularity of reality TV show like Storage Wars and Storage Hunter, the growth rate of the self storage industry have been skyrocketed in recent years. The market is expanding in Asian and European countries as well. For countries like Hong Kong, the number of facilities grown from 11 to over 160 in the last 12 years. Beside Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Malaysia and other Asian countries are still in an infant stage.

The US market has over fifty thousand facilities. For countries like Hong Kong or Singapore, the need for self storage is even bigger than the US. The average house size of US household is 201 square meter, which is 5 times more than Hong Kong and 6 times more than Singapore.

While the HK and SG marketings grow at an exceptionally fast rate, the growth in China marketing is stalling. Beside big cities like Beijing or Shanghai, the land price is not that expensive and the average home size is big enough to have extra room for storage. Another reason is that Chinese people generally don’t like to have their good to be store outside of their home.

Since most Asian people don’t own a car, a new type of door to door self storage service has gained its popularity. Beside the traditional storage facility, many companies are developing new technology like mobile phone apps to aid storage user.

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