1. Open the storage account
For residential customer, only Hong Kong Resident aged 18 or above is accepted and address proof (within the last 3 months) must be provided upon signing the storage contract. For commercial customer, only company registered in Hong Kong having registered address inside Hong Kong territories is accepted. Overseas company or company registered outside Hong Kong is not accepted. Hong Kong Storage reserves the right to accept or reject any storage.
2. First payment for opening storage account
Customer has to settle one month storage fee in advance, storage deposit, transportation fee (if any), deposit for smart card (if any) and other service charges (if any).
3. Storage deposit
Storage Deposit is equivalent to 2 months' storage fees. It cannot be used to settle any storage, transportation or other fees.
4. What cannot be stored
Dangerous items (flammable, corrosive, etc.), food, illegal items and items that release strong smell or scent or affect other people or storage items, psychologically or physically, are rejected.
5. Storage Insurance
For maximized protection of your possessions in storage, we offer a premium free storage insurance to all customers. The total sum insured would be HKS 10,000.00 for each individual storage unit (maximum HKD 1,000.00 for each article) (To purchase extra insurance coverage for your storage, kindly contact us, or you might also contact your insurance agent)
6. Minimum monthly storage fee
Minimum monthly storage fee of $100 will be applied if the total monthly storage fee is less than $100.
7. Handling of items
Click here for details
8. Book our transportation service
The transportation fee depends on the destination and item quantity so please enquire us for details.
9. Employing your own transportation agent
Customer may use our transportation service or self-transportation.
10. Authorization
Only customers or their authorised person can lodge or withdraw storage service (with item code). We have the right to request customer or his / her authorised person to present HKID card for identity verification. Customer has to fill in the authorisation form to register his / her authorised person.
11. Change customer information
Please contact our customer service officer for corresponding procedure at hotline 3602 7722.
12. PPS account setup
Please call PPS Hotline 23119876.
13. Credit card payment
Customers can enjoy Credit Card online payment service to settle our bills via internet banking provided by several banks. For details, please call the related enquiry hotline.
Bank Bank Account Credit Card Enquiry Hotline

AEON Credit Service (Asia) Co. Ltd

-- 2895 6262
Bank of China -- 2853 8828
Bank of Communications 2269 9699
Citibank 2860 0333
CITIC Ka Wah Bank 2287 6767
Dah Sing Bank 2828 8000
DBS Bank 2290 8888
Fubon Bank 2566 8181
Hang Seng Bank -- 2822 0228
HSBC -- 2748 3322
Mevas Bank 3101 3838
The Bank of East Asia 2211 1321
Shanghai Commercial Bank 2818 0282
Standard Chartered Bank 2886 8868
Wing Hang Bank -- 2543 2223
Wing Lung Bank 2952 6666
*For reference only. Customer should consult their Banks for related service details
14. Apply auto-pay facility
Please download and fill in the form then send the original copy to our postal address.
15. Storage List
For Storage Box, Outsize Storage and Commercial Records Storage, storage list will be provided in which Hong Kong Storage Item Code, customer reference number (if any), packing date and storage fee are recorded for your reference.
15. Close the storage account
Customer may terminate the service at any time after the minimum storage period given that 7 days' prior notice is provided.

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