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The Storage Companion of Your Home

Hongkong Storage was officially established in 1997 to provide professional and reliable mini storage services to our customers. We aim to bring more enjoyment to Hong Kong families, reserve home space for their beloved family members, and enable our customers to have a better work-life balance in a truly relaxed manner. Hongkong Storage has a network of mini storage outlets throughout Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories. All of our mini-warehouses are directly managed by HK Storage’s professional team to ensure that all mini-warehouse services and mini-warehouse facilities meet the strict standards of our Mini Storage operation.

Hongkong Storage is the first mini storage operator worldwide to be granted three professional management certifications: ISO9001, ISO/IEC 27001 and Q-mark. Through the ISO internationally recognized test, we are able to demonstrate that we have a reliable quality management system and information security management system to better protect the interests of our customers. Hongkong Storage is also a founding member of the Asia Mini Storage Association.

We Bring a Trustworthy Storage Environment to You

More secure storage services

For the best storage experience and to protect your valuables or treasures, all Hongkong Storage mini storage outlets offer

Premium Move for You Service

Save you money, effort, and quality time

Of course, we will take care of the whole process, so you don’t have to be exhausted by tedious things like handling the transportation. You can enjoy the free “Premium Move for You” service when you use Hongkong Storage Mini Storage. Whether you need to move your stuff in or out of storage, our “Star Moving” service will take care of the entire arrangement for you and save you money, effort, and quality time.

*Varies depending on the contract period. Subject to terms and conditions

Complimentary Storage Insurance

Extra Storage Protections

We strive to bring professional, quality and reliable mini storage services to our customers. We understand that storage protection is important to our customers, so we include additional property comprehensive insurance* with every mini storage service contract to ensure that our customers can store their belongings with ultimate peace of mind.

*Subject to the terms and conditions of the insurance policy.

O’ Easy Cabinets in Mini Storage

O’ Easy, the best companion for Mini Storage.

O’ Easy, the best companion for Mini Storage. We understands the needs of our customers when using Mini Storage and have designed 3 different types of lockers for lease in our Mini Storage. With the flexible combination of the 3 types of lockers, customers can fully utilize every corner of unused space in the Mini Storage while having easy access.


Boutique Showcase Mini Storage

Have many clothes or collectibles in your home? Wish to have your own mini storage for your collection? Even if you have put into mini storage, you still want to see it as if you are in a boutique? In fact, there are so many new ideas and new uses for mini storage.

We offer a mini storage consultation service for customers who have a special need to organize their collections, to provide professional suggestions on storage layout and planning, or you can take a look at our MeZone mini storage, which can turn your mini storage into your own private collection space and free up more space for your living.

Our mini storage is also equipped with an automatic system of temperature and humidity control, providing a suitable environment for storage without worrying about the humidity and humidity in Hong Kong.

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