Facility Management

The ideal storage facility

IOT Facility Management System - 24-hour monitoring of power, temperature, and humidity in the facility to maintain proper operations

Smart Access Control System - Easy access with Yes-Storage mobile app

Visitor Access Management System - Enhance security measures

Y-Locker is a combination of both practical and beautiful

We Bring a Trustworthy Storage Environment to You

more secure storage services

To provide the best storage experience and to protect your treasures, all Yes-Storage Centres offer

Premium Move for You Service

save you money, effort and quality time

Yes-Storage brings customers not only a storage space, but also a superior and comfortable storage experience. Therefore, we specially launch "Premium Move for You", which is convenient for customers to handle their belongings without the hassle of moving and other tedious things.

Whether you are switching storage or handling items, the "Premium Move for You" enables you to transport your items not only from your home to the storage center, but also from the storage center to your home with ease.

Pricing: HK$1,200/order

Customers who sign a specified storage contract* can enjoy free "Premium Move for You" for up to 12 times a year*. Please contact our storage consultants today for more information.

*Varies depending on contract duration. Terms and conditions apply to "Premium Move for You".

Free Storage Insurance

Additional Storage Protection

Yes-Storage always strives to provide professional, quality and reliable storage services to our customers. We understand that customers value storage protection, Yes-Storage purchases additional property comprehensive insurance* for each storage contract to provide customers with extra peace of mind.

Hongkong Storage understands that customers may need additional property protection, customers can also purchase additional storage insurance for their own storage items according to their personal needs. For more information, please call our Customer Service Hotline.

*Subject to insurance terms and conditions.

Professional Storage Consultants

Solving your storage problems

Our professional storage consultants will provide customers with the ideal storage solution for you and suggest on how to utilize all your space. The entire process is hassle-free and easy for our customers to complete the entire process. Because we promise to give our customers not only a storage space, but also a quality and extraordinary storage experience.

Please call us at 3602 7708 or send us your contact information in the form below and our professional storage consultants will be delighted to help you determine the ideal storage space for you.

Yes-Storage Mobile App

The most convenient storage service experience

Yes-Storage's mobile app provides customers with a one-stop storage management service. Customers can book the delivery service anytime and anywhere through the mobile app, and enjoy a more convenient and comfortable storage service experience by keeping records and managing the stored items.

Yes-Storage mobile application can help customers to

  • Manage your items more easily
  • Secure and easy access with access control system
  • Easier to schedule transportation service
  • Take photos of your locker contents and store them for record

Please go to App Store or Google Play to search for "Yes-Storage - Easy Storage" and download the new mobile app to enjoy the convenience of the mobile app for you.

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