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3 Storage Tips for House Cleaning Before Chinese New Year


As Chinese New Year approaches, it’s time for everyone to get prepared to do house cleaning. Yet, you may be mad about your messy house. Have you ever thought a good storage manner could help? You may need the following three storage tips before enjoying the great festival.


1. Categorize Your Items

To organize your items effectively, the ideal way is to categorize them, such as clothing, books, household items, and commemorative items, and then fix them group by group. As the aim of storage is about elimination, it is necessary to decide which items should be discarded or donated, e.g. things that have not been used for years, wrongly bought or do not know when to use.


2. Adopt the Use of Storage Tools

There are various types of storage tools enable us to make good use of the living space. For example, stackable storage box with cover can protect against dust and save a lot of floor space. Hook-type storage bag is also an effective tool to make use of every corner. As for some little items, try to collect them into plastic Zip-lock bags and storage containers, add a label for future reference.


3. Use Mini Storage to Enhance Living Space

Although elimination is the very first and important step of storage, sometimes there are items that you are not willing to give up, such as home appliances that rarely used, seasonal clothing, commemorative items, collections, etc. We may put them into mini-storage, so as to enhance the living space in a more comfortable way.