4 Tips on Effectively Managing Space of Self Storage

4 Tips on Effectively Managing Space of Self Storage




Not until you plan well to use space effectively inside your self storage unit can you be good at mastering space of your self storage. Let’s get some hacks to make life easier on this issue.


Stacking boxes as planned

Safely and securely stacking items is an art. Lightest boxes should be on the top and the heaviest on the bottom. If possible, place some solid boards between layers of boxes for a stable box pile. Thus, stack wisely.


Pack things with your wisdom

In order to prevent storage boxes from little internal shifting and less (hopefully no) damage, it is suggested each box be fully packed. That’s why you should think well before strategically packing the unit. Bubble wrap and packed newspaper are two great things for us to fill holes in boxes and they also securely hold fragile items in place. What if we have larger pieces of items such as plates or pots? Get some old blankets or old towels which may protect them from scratching.


Useful things – placed to be easily accessed

Make sure which boxes you will need to access most often. We can keep them in the front of the unit or place them wherever it can be easily reached. Otherwise, it would be a nightmare to search every time. Obviously, if you have a few boxes of fragile items, it will be much better for them to be last in as there would be less risk of crushing them.


Useful tools can save your day

You may probably have many books or small items stored in smaller boxes. Try putting a rack in your unit for them. For large items such as furniture, instead of putting them into the unit in one piece, it is recommended you try to disassemble as much as possible. It would be much simpler to pack into the unit.