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5 Ways to Keep Your Clothing Mould-Free in Humid Weather

The early spring comes, the weather in March turns warm and wet, the moisture and mouldy conditions may appear in your living space. The clothing may be invaded by mould or even cause an unpleasant odor. To effectively deal with the troubles brought by humid weather, you may have a look on the following 5 ways about keeping your clothing mould-free!

1. Place Desiccant Pack into Shoe Cabinet

Every time you go out, your shoes may trap the moisture of human body, and also the outdoor one. The best way is to dry the shoes first before putting them back into the shoe cabinet, and regularly place a desiccant pack. Stuff your leather shoes and boots with newspapers can keep the shape and absorb moisture.

2. Keep the Wardrobe Air Permeable

Avoid hanging too many clothes in the wardrobe; keep it air permeable enough to release moisture. More spaces can also reduce the spread of mould and prevent causing odor among clothing.

3. Use Cloth Bag for Storage

When storing off-season clothing and quilts, it is better to choose cloth bag instead of vacuum bag. Although the latter one can store more things, however it is easier to lock the moisture of clothing and produce bad smell. It is recommended to use a cloth bag and put desiccant pack in it, so as to dissipate heat and keep a constant temperature inside and outside the bag.

4. Dry the Clothing Completely

Clothing is hard to dry in such a humid weather, it is suggested to choose folding drying stand to hang the clothing, and even use clothes dryer to dry them gently, to prevent odor and bacteria.

5. Store at Mini Storage

Seasonal clothing can be stored at our mini storage, where humidity and temperature are strictly controlled. This can prevent the clothes from getting mouldy due to humid weather, and to keep them in a good condition. At the same time, the problem of insufficient living space can be solved.