7 Tips for Newbies of Using Self Storage

7 Tips for all newbies of using self-storage09


Storage in a nano-sized flat is one of the great challenges to most families in Hong Kong.  Leasing a self-storage unit obviously is an ideal solution to those living there.


How to fully utilize the available space inside the self-storage unit?  Here are 7 tips suggested by Hongkong Storage for those who are new to self-storage as below:-



7 Tips for all newbies of using self-storage01

Make a List

Write down all you stored objects in a detailed list.  You will find it helps you a lot once you need to search your favorite books or tees among those boxes.  This is the most important step!



7 Tips for all newbies of using self-storage02

Put a Label on Each Box

This is made also for ‘Future (forgetful) you’ – who would unlikely remember what are stored inside the boxes today.  It is a good practice to label the boxes clearly.  You may also take photos as well.



7 Tips for all newbies of using self-storage03

Use Space inside the Boxes Wisely

Fill up each box as much as possible.  Stack up your boxes wisely and carefully, so the boxes won’t be fallen inside the self-storage unit accidentally.



7 Tips for all newbies of using self-storage04

Balance the Weight of Containers

Choose smaller boxes to store your heavy things such as books, DVDs, CDs, etc, and larger boxes for lighter items.



7 Tips for all newbies of using self-storage05

If You Want to Stack up Boxes…

It would be easier to stack the containers in similar size.



7 Tips for all newbies of using self-storage07

No More Broken Items

To wrap the fragile items in protective fabrics or papers. E.g. dishes, wine glass. You may stuff more papers inside the box for better cushioning.



7 Tips for all newbies of using self-storage06

How to Store Furniture and Mattresses?

You may try dissembling all of your large furniture and then pack all parts well. Otherwise, store the furniture and mattresses vertically inside the unit to save space.