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Advice on Packing Items into Your Self Storage Unit

No one would like to have a messy place inside his/her self storage unit. That’s why we should store our things properly with some creative thoughts so as to ensure those stacks of storage boxes will not fall over. We don’t expect any damages of our favorite things, do we?

Here are some pieces of advice to help us ensure the ‘packing mission’ accomplished:-

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!”

As life, you always need a plan; otherwise, your self storage will be miserable! Draft a list of how you want to place your storage boxes and other items into your self storage unit.

Wet items should be avoided

No mold, mildew or bugs would preferably be introduced into your storage boxes, it is a better precaution to avoid placing wet items into your storage boxes and self storage unit.

In case you are a book lover or movie geek…

You would love to keep all your collections in good condition to store. Climate control (Temperature and Humidity control) in self storage is good enough for those but if you are obsessed with ‘perfect’ condition, you may try to put some moisture absorbers or moth balls inside your storage boxes.

It is Tetris time – stacking storage boxes

Stack all your storage boxes in such a way that you can easily access. It is suggested that you place those storage boxes with the items that you will frequently use at the front part of the storage unit.

Extra help is needed to stack up your storage boxes

Maybe you are smart enough to use storage boxes with the same size. Your ‘piling-up boxes’ process would be even better if you try to use some storage racks to help. The storage racks can make your self storage unit tidier and easier to access your items in future.

Pack your items in a right way and organize your things in your self storage unit. You will find less and less chance your items will be damaged and will ensure all your favorite things will last for years.

Of course, your choice of the trustworthy self storage facility is one of the most important considerations in the first place. Hongkong Storage provides quality self storage service with branches covering Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories. Our storage consultant can help you to choose a suitable storage unit.