Hongkong Storage collaborates with Cathay to bring new excitements to customers


Hongkong Storage collaborates with Cathay to bring new excitements to customers.


Customers who rent the designated storage services, including mini-storage/Y-Locker/YS Jumbo Storage services, can now earn 1 Asia Miles for every HK$2 of monthly storage fees by signing a minimum 12-month storage contract.  Storage now comes with “mileage rewards” – store your belongings and earn miles too!


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*Terms and condition applied


Terms & Conditions:

  1. This promotion is only applicable to new customers who rent Hongkong Storage self-storage/Yes-Storage Y-Locker/Yes-Storage YS Jumbo storage services from October 1, 2022 (counting from the effective date of the contract) , and cannot be transferred to others.
  2. This promotion is effective from October 1, 2022 until further notice.
  3. This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount or promotional offers.
  4. Customers must sign a storage contract for a minimum of 12 months to enjoy this promotion.
  5. Customers must also be members of “Cathay” when signing the storage service contract, and present a valid “Cathay” membership card/electronic membership card registration in the “Cathay” mobile application when entering into a service contract.
  6. Miles redemption is only applicable to the storage monthly fee of Hongkong Storage self-storage/Yes-Storage Y-Locker/Yes-Storage YS Jumbo storage service, and other fees cannot be redeemed for miles.
  7. The mileage redemption rate for Asia Miles is HKD 2 = 1 mile for the monthly storage fee, and miles are calculated in integers, and decimal values are not included. For example, if the monthly rent is HKD 1001, the miles earned will be 500 miles.
  8. All prepaid deposits are not eligible for mileage redemption.
  9. Customers must pay the fees before the payment due date of the payment month, otherwise the mileage redemption offer cannot be enjoyed for that month.
  10. The prepayment of service fee by the customer will be converted into “Asia Miles” in proportion to the effective date of the contract each month. For example, if 12 months’ service fee is prepaid for HKD 12,000 (excluding deposits), the average monthly service fee is HKD 1,000, and 500 miles will be credited to the customer’s account each month.
  11. “Asia Miles” will be credited to the member’s account within 6 to 8 weeks after the last day of the payment month.
  12. Customers can only join or withdraw from the “Asia Miles” redemption program before the effective period of the contract.
  13. If the customer terminates the contract during the contract period, Hongkong Storage reserves the right to charge relevant handling fees.
  14. Hongkong Storage will not be responsible for any act or negligence of Cathay Pacific Airways Limited.
  15. Hongkong Storage and Cathay Pacific Airways Limited reserve the right to change or terminate the promotion of “Asia Miles” redemption at any time without prior notice.
  16. In case of any dispute, Hongkong Storage and Cathay Pacific Airways Limited reserve the right of final decision.
  17. Customers are subject to other Cathay Pacific Airways Limited terms and conditions.



Yes-Storage Y-Locker/Yes-Storage YS Jumbo are operated by Hongkong Storage.