Yes-Storage service is contract-based. The service includes one set of storage box, storage, and transportation. The price varies according to the length of contract. Customer can pay by cash, check, credit card or instalment. It is required to pay for the whole contract period before service started. Each plan includes one set of storage box.

Contract period 12 Months 24 Months
Transportation Service* 8 single trips 16 single trips
Monthly Fee HK$438 HK$438

*Extra Transportation Fee (Based on Each Single Trip)

First 5 storage boxes (or less):HK$ 88

Each extra storage box:HK$ 16

Pick a Set

Customers can combine the above 6 models to form their own YS Box set to suit their storage needs. Each set of mini boxes has a capacity of approximately 21.6 cubic feet (46 “x19 “x42”).

Registration Form (*Compulsory)