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Document Storage should Possess Five Major Advantages | Choosing Hongkong Storage Document Storage

文件儲存 香港儲物室迷你倉

Document storage is crucial for businesses but can be time-consuming and resource intensive. Therefore, choosing a dependable document storage service consultant is of paramount importance. Let Hongkong Storage shows you 5 essential criteria for selecting a provider to aid your decision-making.

  1. Professional document storage consultant
  2. Dual professional certification in ISO 9001 and ISO / IEC 27001
  3. Offering diversified storage services
  4. History and reputation of the document storage company
  5. Storage fees

Professional Document Storage Consultant

Hongkong Storage promptly responds to your inquiries, patiently understands your needs, and proposes the most suitable storage solutions for you. Quick and helpful responses save you waiting time and increase work efficiency amidst your busy schedules. Remember, choosing a document storage company that values your needs is of utmost importance.

Dual Professional Certification in ISO 9001 and ISO / IEC 27001

Hongkong Storage is the first document storage company in Hong Kong to obtain both ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 professional certifications. This signifies higher service quality, information security, and risk management for document storage customers, ensuring that the storage company has the appropriate security measures in place to protect their important documents.

Offering Diversified Storage Services

In addition to document storage, Hongkong Storage also offers other storage services, such as mini storage and point-to-point storage services, to cater to the non-document storage needs of corporate customers. This one-stop service solution can bring you unexpected surprises. Let’s discuss further!

History and Reputation of the Document Storage Company

Hongkong Storage has a long and illustrious history of over 25 years, which not only reflects its rich experience, efficient processes, and reliable systems, but also demonstrates the long-term trust and support of its customers. This is truly invaluable.

Storage Fees

It’s important to ensure that a company’s pricing is reasonable and transparent, and not just based on comparing the monthly storage fee for each document box. Hidden charges, such as Permanent Removal Charge should also be considered. Hongkong Storage offers different pricing plans for comparison, ensuring that there are no unexpected charges.

Hongkong Storage – Your Reliable Storage Partner

Hongkong Storage is a professional and reliable document storage service provider that also offers mini storage and point-to-point storage services. With over 25 years of industry experience, we are the first document storage service provider in Hong Kong to be awarded both ISO9001 and ISO/IEC 27001 certifications, providing secure and reliable services to our customers. Additionally, we are currently offering a transfer discount so that customers can experience our services at a more favorable price. Please call 3602-7708 or WhatsApp 9529-2765 to inquire now.