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Helpful Tips for Storing Items in Self Storage

hongkongstorage_Helpful Tips for Storing Items in Self Storage


We have some self storage tips for you. They would save you time and space while you are packing stuff in your self storage. Let’s see what those self storage tips help you effectively:-


Find and fill in your valuable space

A pull-out storage box would be perfect for storing small and fragile items smartly in your small self storage cubicle.  Remember, put the light and fragile items on the top of heavy boxes all the times.


Separate heavy stuff in several small boxes

Don’t load all your heavy books and items in one single big box, that would make it too heavy for you.  Instead, store them in several smaller boxes, you will find your life easier when you need to move the boxes around.


Always keep the stuff clean and dry

In case you plan to store large appliances such as refrigerator, please clean the entire machine carefully and ensure that they are dry and wrap properly before storing in your self storage cubicle.


Keep it in good shape

Here’s an easy way to organize long dresses and clothes.  Hang them up in a wardrobe box with the built-in hanging rod.  It would keep them in a good shape till the end of the season.


Sealed with packing tape

Keep your stuff away from moisture, dust and pest, do pack and seal your storage boxes properly.   If you are packing with used boxes, make sure the inside is clean and dry.  Grab your packing supplies and tape the bottom and check to make sure the boxes are secure.