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Hongkong Storage Commits to ESG and Utilizes IoT Technology to Create Eco-Friendly Storage Solutions

Hongkong Storage is committed to supporting ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and utilizing IoT (Internet of Things) technology to create eco-friendly storage solutions. We apply IoT technology in our storage facilities to offer customers more environmentally sustainable and efficient solutions. Our IoT system enables real-time monitoring of environmental indicators such as electricity usage, air quality, temperature, and humidity, ensuring a comfortable and secure storage environment while reducing energy waste. Moreover, we have implemented energy-efficient lighting systems on our facilities to further reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint. We have also established internal guidelines and provide training to our employees to promote ESG principles and encourage energy and resource conservation in their daily work. These efforts reflect Hongkong Storage’s commitment to environmental protection and active participation.

ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance, which is an evaluation framework used to assess a company’s performance in terms of sustainability and ethical impact. The “Environmental” aspect evaluates a company’s environmental footprint, including resource usage, energy efficiency, waste management, and carbon emissions. The “Social” aspect focuses on the company’s treatment of employees, suppliers, customers, and its impact on the community, encompassing topics such as labor rights, human rights, diversity, and inclusion. The “Governance” aspect examines the company’s transparency, ethical practices, risk management, and board structure. Hongkong Storage will continue to pursue different sustainable development goals according to these three dimensions, aiming to create long-term value for the company.