Capture what you Love – How do we store and organize photographs




It is difficult to stay organized with our photos unless you are a professional photographer. We always take snapshots for our fun and memorable moments of capturing gatherings with family and friends, important events for ourselves, etc. Photos do really freeze our treasure moments, so why can’t we store and organize them in a better way for our later enjoyment?


Loose Photos around Your Flat – Make Them All Together Now

You may have many loose photos all around your home, like many ones else. Some in your living room, some in a drawer, and others stacked in the pile of old books, etc.


If you want to make a well-planned photo-archive for your family, the first thing you should do is to gather those loose photos and photos albums all into a central location.


Lock in Photo Storage Boxes

Maybe you want to keep all family’s joyful moments for more than 15 years, or snapshots capturing your great adventures at different ages. It is obviously a big task if you haven’t sorted them ever…


Find some photo storage boxes, put the loose photos and sort them directly into the boxes in a roughly organized manner (of course, a very strict one is also fine if you have time!). You may see how many photos you plan to / need to sort, so you can buy enough photo storage boxes for your ‘Memory Collection’. Some extra boxes are recommended for future photos.


Make Categories for your photos

Everyone’s life is divided into different phases. You have your own cornerstones full of events such as school life, work life, holidays, celebrations, vacations. These can be fit into your categories by time (years).


Or you can try to categorize your photos by the person whom you met in your life – family members, friends at schools (kindergarten, primary school, secondary school, and university), friends from sports teams, or colleagues in workplaces. This process would be fun and full of joys!


Important Note – Label Your Photos

Don’t ruin the sorting and categorizing process of your photos! Do your best to label each photo or groups of photos with brief information for future use. Jot something what you do remember – was it taken in autumn? Which year? With whom?


Another Important Note – Label Each Photo Storage Box

No matter how detail-minded you sort the photos one by one, there is another important note for you. Please make sure you also write a label posted outside of each photo storage box. Just make it clear to show the category of photos contained within.


Store your memorable photos archives in a secured place

Find a place where it is secured and under a dry, climate-controlled environment. If you are really sure that it is your home, go and find your book shelves, cabinets or somewhere else to store them. However, maybe you can consider to find some specialists – self storage – to help you to store them if you really don’t.


I want my photos perfectly stored!

This is an optional phase only if you want all your photos be perfectly stored. Schedule yourself to gradually put photos into albums. It is a choice all up to you.


Apart from storing in boxes, it is highly suggested some old photos (there may have only one copy) be digitized so as to protect them from damage. You can share them with all loved ones at any time. One friendly reminder is that you need a backup (external storage device such as a flash drive, DVDs, etc) for all the photos on an electronic device, or else you would lose them forever. Recently, there is another great option that some would try storing digital photos online but there will still have a risk of losing them as the company’s server crash. Thus, a backup plan is always needed.


Hongkong Storage provides reliable storage facilities and quality service

Hongkong Storage can help keep your photo storage boxes properly.   We have air conditioning systems installed in all mini storage branch of Hongkong Storage facilities to provide an ideal environment for storage. Furthermore, the 24-hour automatic control systems keep the temperature and humidity at an optimum level for storage in our branches.