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How to Handle Big and Bulky Items in Self Storage?

How to Handle Big and Bulky Items in Self Storage?


Packing things into self storage seems like a dreadful mission to some of us, especially for those big and bulk items! As your professional self storage service provider, Hongkong Storage is always here to ensure your storage experience free from stress:-



Use our tools provided

In each of our self storage branch, there is a stationery counter with a trolley and strings available.  Please feel free to make use of all these tools while packing your big and heavy belongings.



Leave a walkway inside

In case your rent a large self storage room for storing big items, don’t occupy every inch of your room.  You are suggested to plan carefully before moving in your stuff.  You should consider leaving at least a narrow walkway in the room to ensure your stuff placed in the rear end can be easily assessed also.



Remember what you stored

Be your own secretary, put labels on your storage boxes, stating clearly what items are inside your boxes.  This practice enables you to identify your stuff at a glance and let you access your items easily and quickly in the future.  Also, keep records by taking the photos showing what are inside the boxes would be a good idea to remind you on the spot.



Big stuff or small items, whatever you want to store, Hongkong Storage will always bring you the best, comfortable, stress-free storage experience.