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How to Store Furniture Properly in Self Storage

Choosing Furniture for one’s home is the reflection of one’s taste, lifestyle and preference. Years later, you would find some new things to refresh your home. It would be more responsible for us of keeping them properly instead of trashing them while you have planned to put some new ones in our living place.


It may be a time when your home needs some renovation so you have to find some place to store furniture temporarily. Self Storage, of course, is a great choice in your plan, but how to store furniture properly?


From Big to Small

Don’t hesitate to do this – disassemble furniture as much as you can. This act can save much of your energy while moving them and help save more space to store big pieces of furniture inside the self storage unit. The smaller parts you make, the more convenient you can deal with furniture. Another benefit you can find is that it will lessen the likelihood of damage with your favorite furniture (especially those made of wood).


Everything has its Own Value

Beware of every screw and every bolt while taking apart furniture. It would be much wiser to keep them in a labeled plastic bag. Otherwise, without them, you wouldn’t bring your favorite furniture back into the original style.


Treat the Cabinet Right

It is highly recommended all the drawers of the cabinet be taken away and then stored separately from the frame, for easy transport and storage.


Clean it Up

This one is simple: clean your favorite furniture before putting into the self storage unit. Then, wrap furniture in plastic wrap so as to keep them away from moisture, bugs and pests.


Choose Your Self Storage, Wisely

All the procedures have been done to keep your favorite things well. There is another important factor you should consider – which self storage company have you chosen? Pick the best one based on its brand reputation, storage environment and services.



Hongkong Storage is Ready for you

Customers trust in us originates from our attention to details, in which we apply strictest standard to maintain an optimal storage environment for customers.  The temperature and humidity will always be kept at an optimal level while pest and hygiene control will be run regularly.  Hongkong Storage’s customers can, therefore, be rest assured that their belongings are ideally stored and enjoy the exceptional storage experience which we have committed.