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Want to Find A Single Insurance Plan Protects Both Your Assets in Self Storage & Home



To us, our family comes first. It is common for families in Hong Kong to protect their homes and its contents by insurance.  However, have you ever considered finding another separate insurance plan covering your valuables in self storage?  Is it possible to protect your assets in home and self storage under a single insurance plan?


Choose a reliable self storage operator

While you are researching which self storage operator is going to be your ‘right’ one, you may need to check whether the operator has provided the ‘Property All Risks Insurance’ for their customers.  It helps to ease your pressure and provide greater cover when unforeseen events happened.


Choose an insurance covering both home and self storage properties

However, providing a free insurance coverage for self storage customers is not a common practice among self storage operators in Hong Kong.  In case your self storage operator does not provide insurance for your storage or you think the existing insurance is not sufficient to cover your properties in self storage, it is suggested that you should look for an independent insurance plan for protecting your assets there.


“Which way should I go for?”

If the first option is suitable for you, Hongkong Storage is one of your smart choices as Hongkong Storage has been offering free Property All Risks Insurance* to each storage contract since 2004.  In addition, for customers who require higher protection on their assets, Hongkong Storage has worked with Charterlloyd Insurance Brokers Ltd. to introduce “Homeguard Home Insurance” to cater for their extra needs.


Hongkong Storage, a self storage operators providing high quality of self storage service in Hong Kong for over 20 years, really believe that we can deliver to our customers not just a self storage cubicle, but an exceptional storage experience which exceeds customers’ expectation.


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