Movie Lovers’ Library inside Self Storage





How many great movies collected have you watched thousand times?  All those DVD and Blu-ray discs are still stacking on inside your living room or reading place, aren’t they?  You’d better create a movie library for yourself and your family as well in a weekend!


In alphabetical Order

First thing first, arrange your titles in an alphabetical order and it would be the most efficient way for searching in future.  Keep things simple!


Different Genres for Your Preference

Every film lover may have their own taste.  Why don’t we try to store our DVD and Blu-ray discs by genres?  Create our movie library in different categories just like action, drama, Sci-fi, etc.  You may also build your own ‘Top Ten list’, ‘My 100 favorites’, or ‘100 films you must watch before we die’.  Although it may take you some time to rank your favorites, it helps you pick up your choice easily – ‘Sci-fi Night’, say, in future.


Find Suitable Size of Boxes

In general, the standard size for DVD and Blu-ray cases, small containers (plastic or cardboard) are recommended for storing the discs since the material are light in weight and can provide good protection at the same time.


hongkongstorage_Movielovers_library_insideselfstorage05 hongkongstorage_Movielovers_library_insideselfstorage06


Pack in a Good Order

Remember to pack the DVD and Blu-ray discs in your box spine-up according to the sequence in your list.  Then you can fill the gaps with crushed packing paper and finish it by taking photos for records in the computer.  All is done?  Great!  You may store them in your self storage then.


A Helpful Tip:

To save more space, get rid of the original cases, place the discs and cover art inside DVD/Blu-ray sleeves instead.


hongkongstorage_Movielovers_library_insideselfstorage03 hongkongstorage_Movielovers_library_insideselfstorage04


Hongkong Storage offers comfortable storage space for enjoyment and re-organizing of memorable things in life.  You can store what you truly love – make it into your own movie library!