Storage Tips

No Tipping in Hongkong Storage



“Is there any regulation if I want to give a tip to your colleagues in the transportation department, customer service department, or other departments to express my appreciation?” Many satisfied customers may be confused at that moment whether they should give a tip to us.


In Hong Kong, tipping is generally not mandatory for services. Whether it’s taking a taxi, enjoying a delicious meal, or having a freshly brewed cup of coffee in a café, we sometimes give tips at our discretion, and these situations are very common. But what about the self-storage industry? In 26 years of experience, I have seen that some satisfied customers in Hongkong storage rooms do want to thank our frontline colleagues with tips! When you are about to give a tip, you may hear our company colleagues respond with a smile, saying, “Thank you for being satisfied with our service, but you don’t need to give a tip!”


I apologize if their response caused any awkwardness. Let me give our customers a more definitive response: for many years, Hongkong Storage has been committed to providing our customers with professional, reliable, and excellent storage experiences. Our colleagues are dedicated to providing quality service to our customers. Therefore, our company policy clearly states that all employees are not allowed to accept tips from customers.


Dear customers, please rest assured that you don’t have to worry about not giving tips causing any misunderstandings or dissatisfaction among our frontline colleagues. Your satisfied smile is already a great encouragement to them. On the other hand, if you can express your thoughts on our colleagues’ service through a compliment letter, it will be a greater motivation for our whole company , and the relevant employees may also receive rewards and benefits for future promotion.


Though a simlple letter, its meaning is significant. We are extremely looking forward to receiving more and more praise letters from you in the future, as an affirmation of our colleagues’ service and Hong Kong Storage’s commitment to providing quality service.