One Important Point You should be Aware of when Choosing Document Storage

One Important Point You should be Aware of when Choosing Document Storage


In Hong Kong, the corporations are facing the same challenge in storage as same as many Hong Kong households.  To tackle with the increasing loads of document, the corporations may go to the professional document storage service providers for solutions to reduce operation costs and enhance the efficiency.


However, before making the decision on your storage partner, a number of criteria should be taken into consideration, such as the reputation of the service provider, storage cost, delivery service and other extra costs.  However, there is one hidden cost which would be easily overlooked at the initial stage of committing a document storage contract that is the “Permanent Removal Charge”.


The permanent removal charge will occur when the clients need to get back their storage at the time of contract expiration.  In certain cases, when the company wants to switch to a better service provider in future, their decisions may be hindered by the permanent removal charge and would be resulted in reducing the flexibility in storage management.  To avoid any last minute surprise, you are advised to go through on your contract carefully to see whether this clause exists and you want to accept it.


As a decision maker in the organization, how can you protect your company from the unnecessary costs so as to increase the operational efficiency?


Hongkong Storage understands the concerns from the customers’ standpoints, and there would not be any “Permanent Removal Charge” occurred at the time of contract maturity to ease customers’ worries to provide higher flexibility in their planning. Hongkong Storage provides professional and reliable one-stop document storage services which include storage, transportation, document imaging, shredding and disposal, serving a number of clients from different industries.