Higher Protection for Your Storage – Self Storage Property All Risks Insurance



At Hongkong Storage, while planning to upgrade our self storage service, one of the questions that would always come to our mind – What would Hongkong Storage, as a professional self storage service provider, provide our customers the best protection if, unfortunately, an accident happened in our facilities?


Accidents are always unpredictable but can be minimized. That’s why we focus on upgrading the facilities of our self storage, including environmental control, security system, fire prevention and pesticide control etc, to ensure these measures can bring our customers an ideal storage environment so as to eliminate undesirable risks.


Before Murphy’s Law (Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.) comes true, we should have a well- planned strategy against it.  To further protect our customers’ properties, since 2004 we have been providing our self storage customers *, including damage of fire, bursting of water pipe and burglary.


The ‘All Risks Insurance’, like the airbag of the car, or the cover case of the mobile, is unable to prevent you 100% away from the accidents, but it serves as a safety net to minimize your loss, and ease your mind when facing the incident.


Hongkong Storage always thinks forward to provide our customers with professional and trustworthy self storage service!


*Subject to the terms & conditions of the insurance.