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Simple Tips to Fully Utilize Your Self Storage Unit


In Hong Kong, most of us are facing the same struggle – small living space with high housing cost. Not enough space for all family belongings? Renting a reliable self storage unit for storing belongings would properly be considered as one of the possible solutions for each family right now. However, how can we fully utilize the self storage? Try some pieces of advice as below:-


Build like a Castle

While packing your things in the self storage unit, customers are always recommended to store them along the inner walls in the first place. Otherwise, you will run out of space quickly provided you place items randomly without thought.


Racks are your best friends

Get a metal rack inside your self storage unit which you can buy it by yourself or rent from the self storage operator. This means more space can be squeezed from the idle vertical space. With the solid structure of the rack, you can stack more boxes securely.


Vertical vs Horizontal

It would be better to save more floor space to store your items; therefore, treat your storage unit as a Tetris game. In case you need to store large furniture, e.g. sofa, table or big closet, you can consider placing them vertically.


Position vs Frequency

How often you would access your items determines the positions where they should be placed inside the self storage unit. For example, items rarely used could be placed at the back of the unit rather than the front.


Wrap your belongings

Before you are busy with storing your items into the self storage unit, don’t forget to wrap them up properly to protect them from potential damages.



Hongkong Storage provides customers with storage units in different sizes to match your requirements. Come and visit our branches – our professional storage consultant will provide you the best solution to cater for your storage needs!