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Stay Organized. Save More Self Storage Space.

Stay Organized. Save More Self Storage Space


We always want to fully utilize every single inch in our self-storage unit; in fact, it does not go as planned usually.  How can we get it done without breaking a sweat? The first rule in making this happen – ‘stay organized’!


Protect Your Items with Boxes

Nobody would like their favorite items staying unprotected and uncovered. To make your self storage tidy and organized, it is a good idea that you should better keep and organize your stuff in boxes.


Don’t Waste Space

Although we do not need to fill up the entire box with heavy items, it is suggested to fill up every box completely, especially paper box, leaving empty space so as to prevent boxes from collapsing or tipping over!  While packing, you can try filling the box with heavier items at the bottom and lighter ones on the top.


Use Boxes with the Same Size

It will be much easier for you to stack the boxes up in the self storage unit if they are in the same size.  You will then thank yourself for making such a smart choice while packing in your self storage unit.


Big Help from Little Tools

Wrapping up the fragile items with bubble wraps and packing papers can protect them from damages.  Also, the old towels and sheets can serve the same purpose.