Store books you really love


Store books you really love

To those booklovers, how many books you haven’t started from your book list of 2016? How many endings have you not read? So many books uncovered still on your bookshelves?


Give your room some space, and yourself – It is now first month of 2017! It is time for you to pack those ‘less-interesting’ books into your self storage. Time to work out!



Step by Step to pack:


Maybe find a weekend afternoon, search for those books you ‘decide’ that you don’t want to read and are reluctant to store. It is suggested you share those with your friends who are interested or donate to charity organizations.




Storage Box: Smaller, better.

“I just want to have one big box to store all my books!” some of us may probably think of that sometimes. Once you might try to pack books with brilliant architecture inside a big box, you would instantly regret with this idea and action – it would be too heavy to move! A better option for packing books is to choose small boxes with the same design. More convenient to move those packed boxes and easier to stack in the self storage.


However, if you do really insist on using bigger boxes, it is recommended to fill them about 70 percent with books. Then use the rest for clothes or other light-weight objects.




Wisdom and Problem-solving Moment…

Obviously, it is time to construct your fortress of books! What is the best way to start? By genre, by read/unread, or by chronological? Well, simple is the best – choose what you prefer and what you are used to because it is the book bank for yourself. Take a photo and make a label on each box for later search.




Before you seal the boxes …

Put some pest repeller into the boxes, just in case.


Hongkong Storage’s customers can feel relieved to store books as both temperature and humidity are well controlled and monitored inside each self storage.