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Time to Declutter Your Home! The magic of Tidying Up With Marie Kondo

Hong Kong is densely populated, people have small living space and insufficient storage , this ultimately leads to untidiness. So, would you like to “Kondo” your house?


Marie Kondo is praised as Japan’s “tidier-in-chief”. Her last name “Kondo” has become a verb in recent years which means tidying up by using the “spark joy” method. She began her empire of tidiness at 19-years-old. She began helping her clients organize their rooms and eventually published books, gave speeches, provided professional organizing training courses and sold her own products. Impressively, her first book topped the New York Times best-seller list and sold more than 8 million copies worldwide. This leads to Marie Kondo’s influence to break beyond Asia, and she started gaining recognition in the United States. Her Instagram has reached 2.8 million followers, which expanded her influences to the Internet.


“Tidying up with Marie Kondo”  (Source from Internet)


“Tidying up with Marie Kondo” is a reality television series developed for Netflix and premiered on January 2019. The program has gained huge success and sparked a cult of tidiness. A petite woman with a sweet voice helps folks declutter and organize their homes by teaching them the “spark joy” method. The big smile on her face is the most charming part.


“Tidying up with Marie Kondo”  (Source from Internet)


The magic of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo is all about this “spark joy” philosophy. Kondo suggests clients focus on what they want to keep rather than what they should get rid of. Still, if you have hesitation on the item, you can put it through a test: Does it give you that little spark of happiness? If not, then it is time to weed it out of your life. Surrounding yourself by items that spark joy brings a positive impact on your life!


“Tidying up with Marie Kondo”  (Source from Internet)


Let’s summarize the KonMari method in four main points and put it into practice!


1.   Imagine your ideal living environment


Before you implement the KonMari method, try to visualize your ideal living space in your mind and ask yourself: What kind of lifestyle and living environment can bring me happiness? Having an artistic living place and be a hipster? Or simplifying your space in a Japanese minimalist style? After you figure this out and have a concrete idea, it is the time to execute!


2.   Finish within a day


Kondo suggests that reserving a full day for housekeeping is necessary and aim to accomplish housekeeping in one day. This way you can feel the drastic changes and maintain your determination for house cleaning. In addition, it will be convenient if you prepare all storage boxes and packaging materials before tidying up.


3.   Sort by item category


Most people tend to sort the items by room, however, Kondo recommends sorting by item category. Classify the items into five categories, including clothing, books, papers, small items, and sentimental items and tidying up the room orderly by using the KonMari method.



4.   Tidy up for convenience


The ultimate goal of housekeeping is nothing more than bringing convenience to our life. So you should remember to place items according to the actual needs when you’re tidying up.


Nevertheless, in Hong Kong, there is limited living space, yet limitless items that spark joy. How can we fix the problem of limited storage? Putting these items into self-storage may be a good choice, and it is helpful if you want to “expand” your living space. You should select a reliable and authentic operator of self-storage. You should also take location and security as a consideration.


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