The Security System in Hongkong Storage




Only if a self storage is safe and secured can customers have confidence in storing their belongings there. We, therefore, concentrate our efforts on reducing potential hazards while we set up the security system of Hongkong Storage’s self storage.


Apart from providing a high-quality storage environment, Hongkong Storage works for the best security system to ensure the safety of our customers’ valuables. This makes sure that both the security of the self storage and the storage experience can be strengthened.


Security Alarming System

Each of our self storage facilities is safeguarded by the renowned world-class security expert G4S to provide the security system for Hongkong Storage. If an emergency incident occurs, the system will be triggered and alert all the concerned parties immediately, including Hongkong Storage’s staff, the management office of the building, and the police, so that further actions can be taken place in time. Every time customers access our self storage, you can the access control system at every entrance is not only easy to access but highly secured.


Real Time Centralized Monitoring System

We have the real-time centralized monitoring system, set at our headquarters, providing 24/7 real-time monitoring of all our self storage facilities to ensure effective communications and immediate remedial actions for any issues.


Hongkong Storage understands that safety is one of the key reasons for customers to entrust us with their properties, we commit to providing a safe and reliable storage environment for our customers with high quality of self storage service.  Please be assured that safety is always Hongkong Storage’s top consideration for customers’ peace of mind.