Think about Document Storage for Your Company






For most of the companies or administrative staff, employing document storage service can provide effective and efficient storage management to ease their burden and save you efforts from handling tedious paper works in transactions.  It is a smart decision for those companies to reduce operation costs while enhancing operation efficiency at the same time.  Here are some rationales behind their decisions.


Simple, always, is the best

If the person in charge of managing the documents and files is promoted or the post is replaced by a new one, the handover of the storage items can be a nightmare to them.  The process can be much faster and easier if there is a professional document storage company in place to support the staff.


Secure and Space-saving

Document storage service offers a secure and space-saving solution, catering the storage needs from different industry regardless of the company scale.  Employing a professional document service provider, with their expertise and facilities, your company is able to balance the risk of managing the document storage in the house.


One-stop Document Storage Services by One Phone Call

Release your administrative staff member from the frustrating jobs of digging the documents out from a large filing cabinet or racks of carton boxes filled with papers.  With the help from one-stop document storage services including transportation, storage, document imaging, even shredding and disposal, you can arrange all by just making one simple phone call.


Established in 1997, Hongkong Storage has been providing professional document storage solutions to over a thousand commercial clients.  Hongkong Storage’s facilities are safeguarded by renowned G4S security system while the inventories are managed by SAP ERP system.  With the professional logistics team, Hongkong Storage is confident in providing our clients with swift, reliable storage and transportation service in the territories.